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Should I go for Google or Apple? Is the question that has been harassing both amateur and professional traders for a long period now. In terms of financial trading market and binary options this question would be like a blind choice between food and water. Google and Apple both are some of the big names that a trader comes across while making investments and these are some of the firms that offer a much safer investments compared to the some other small firm that are in a bad condition due to debt accumulation.

Apple or Google

The recent report suggests that the second quarter output of Apple showed a development of 83 percent, which was lead by a mammoth leap of 126 percent in the total sale of I-phones whereas other products like I-pad and Mac also showed growth of 2.8 billion and 32 percent respectively. The only section of Apple that did not receive any growth was the I-pod sector that showed a fall of 14 percent. For traders who look forward to invest in Apple will be happy to know that the Net income of Apple has shown improvement of 95 percent from the past year performance of 3.07 billion dollars.

Well in terms of revenue generated from the sale of mobile handsets, Apple has beaten even the Mobile giant Nokia this year despite of a huge price difference between the two. If you take a close look at the recent financial market releases you will find that Apple has created a storm or a revolution in each handheld department it has released like that of the I-phone and the I-pad. These were all the positive points to go for an investment in Apple but if you take at the recent problems that Apple has been dealing with, then you will find that traders who have shares in the firm are trying to sell off the same as soon as possible. One of the main reasons why the investors are trying to sell the shares is the sudden demise of Steve Jobs and other is the high share value of the Apple stocks that is not encouraging many investors to take risk.

Google is also a technical giant that many look up to while investing. However, like Apple Google is not into handheld devices yet but it still is the market leader when it comes to search engine firms. For those who are interested in investing in Google should note that Google have also made big profits recently but taking a look at the market Apple has a much wider market, which makes it much safer for investment. In would be best to conclude that as a trader you should go for Apple despite the high price per share because it would be much safer in the long run because of its wide range of products that are doing well in the market.

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