Australian Binary Options Brokers

Australian Binary OptionsAustralia does not have any laws prohibiting you to trade in binary options. This means that it is legal to do so. In fact, there is now a regulatory body, known as ASIC which supervises all registered Australian binary options brokers. However, a broker does not need to be registered in Australia to offer their services to an Australian. There are a number of binary options brokers who are building a good following in the country simply because they offer a fair and trustworthy service.

Binary options trading is not new, it has been possible since the early 1970’s. However, it is only in the last eight years it has become mainstream. During this time the number of binary options brokers has risen rapidly. It is now essential to review the available brokers before you sign up with one. If a broker decides to register as one of the few Australian binary options brokers it will need to comply with a lot of legislation. In order for it to stay competitive and generate a profit this may not be a viable option at this time. This is way many Australians choose brokers registered in other countries.

The safest way to choose a binary options broker is to read reviews, like this one and the ones which appear on social media sites.


This broker is registered and regulated in the UK. This means it has an array of financial rules and regulations to adhere to. The UK financial requirements are some of the strictest in the world. Despite the fact that it only started trading in 2016 this commitment to registration and regulation shows the quality of the service offered by this broker.


One of the most exciting developments which has arrived with this broker is the live video chat. Instead of typing a message on a screen you can actually chat to a customer support person face to face, in real time! This means you will always have the answer to your question when you need it.

Binarymate has designed its own software platform to house the video chat option and, as such, is unique. Fortunately it is easy to navigate and all the features naturally fall into place. Part of their platform is dedicated to offering free educational resources to all traders. You can study the basics regarding binary trading, simple strategies or even advanced ones. There is also a range of technical and fundamental tools for analysis.

Binarymate offers returns, of up to ninety percent along with a twenty percent bonus for bronze account holders. At the other end of the scale gold accounts receive a deposit matched bonus and silver holders attract a fifty percent welcome incentive. The minimum deposit is just $250 and you can place trades from as little as $1 to as high as $10,000; this ensures all levels of traders are accounted for.

There is also an invaluable practice account which will allow anyone new to get a feel for binary trading. Those with experience can practice new strategies as well as ensuring they are comfortable on this unique platform. You can choose to trade in as little as thirty seconds, or take your time and pick a year expiry date! The majority of trades can be closed early if required and you will find there is an extensive list of assets to choose from.